Someone Asked, “Who Locked Up All These Kids?” and Quickly Removed the Tweet

By May 30, 2018Real Fake News

By KnotAbOT123

Twitter, USA – Earlier this week, many Democrats on social media attacked President Trump for separating undocumented future voters from their children on the border only to find out later that the picture was taken back in 2014 when the President was Barry Hussein Obama.

The outrage on the Left was about what had happened to these children and in no way just the Left taking a shot at Trump to push a false agenda of trying to make him look racist. But upon discovering the 2014 date, the Democrats immediately turned their glaring rage on Former President Barry and demanded answers for what had happened in this photo; they did not immediately remove all their tweets and try to act like nothing happened.

To help hold elected Democrats accountable to their voters, a grass-roots movement has risen up called “Democrats Unwavering Morals and Beliefs,” also known as DUMB.


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