What Will the History Books Say about This Day?

By June 14, 2018Not Fake News

Leicester, UK – This is not fake news.

These are the days that the future children of England will sit down in history class and be taught about. Today is the future topic of a Dan Carlin-type podcast where he discusses the history of England. The questions for us now are, What will the title be of the school lesson on that future day, and what will the title be of that future podcast? Will the title be “The Death of England by the Hand of Allah”? Or will it be “The Rebirth of England. Long live the Queen”?

We may not have a crystal ball to see into the future, but one thing we do know is that the fate of England is joined to the fate of one man – Tommy Robinson.

It is reported that Tommy Robison has been moved to Leicester Prison, where Muslim men bang on the walls chanting “Kill Tommy” and prison guards mock him and say he will never leave alive. The Muslims want to kill Tommy for his unapologetic pursuit of justice for the child victims who have been raped by grooming gangs of Muslim thugs. The children of England have no value in the eyes of these thugs. The prison guards just see Tommy as a pebble in their shoe that they wish they could just get rid of.

So at this moment some of the Sons of England have risen to the call. Over a thousand have come out to protest the injustice that has been done to Tommy Robinson, demanding he be released from the system that is trying to crush his voice. But more are needed. Will you be one of the voices that rises up to chant “Free Tommy!”?  Will you join together and let the  bureaucrats in England know that the world is watching?



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