TOMMY ROBINSON FREE – English Government Urged to Bugger Off

By August 1, 2018Not Fake News

London, UK – This is not fake news.

Tommy Robinson has won his freedom after being jailed in May for contempt of court. In late July, lawyers for Robinson argued that, due to “procedural deficiencies,” Robinson’s conviction should be quashed. Today, the Courts and Tribunals Judiciary agreed and released Robinson on bail. Supporters of Robinson gathered outside the courthouse to celebrate.

Robinson (right) and security, outside Onley prison

On a Tommy Robinson Facebook page, a post said that Robinson’s fellow prisoners found out before he did, that he was elated about the ruling, and that he will be going on vacation with his family. “Tommy just called his family from prison to ask what the outcome was – he said prisoners were shouting that he was going home but he did not want to believe them. He is over the moon.”

Upon release hours later, Robinson said to waiting press, “I want to thank the British public for all their support.” He then left quickly in a waiting car to reunite with his family. He later posted details about his ordeal.

Congratulations to Tommy Robinson and his legal team. The court ruling can be read below. More updates to follow.


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