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By January 14, 2019Sports

Dandenong Australia

UNN has uncovered yet another embarrassing incident for the Victorian State Police. Victorian Police & Community Youth Clubs (PCYC) in the outer Melbourne suburb of Dandenong recently held a basketball tournament. The tournament was an attempt by the PCYC to bridge the divide between various ethnic groups of youths in the diverse suburb. The tournament has been touted as a success by organizers as well as the tournament’s major sponsor Coon Cheese despite one embarrassing gaffe.

Victorian police have been left red faced when a basketball team made up of African youths took part in the weekend tournament wearing jerseys emblazoned with their team name “Platoon” across their chests. Tournament organizers had failed to recognize the potential embaressment that the name would cause until it was pointed out halfway through the team’s semi-final match on Sunday. PCYC officials and Major sponsor Coon Cheese were both horrified when they realized that the team made up of African youths was participating in jerseys with the logo of major sponsor Coon as well as their team name platoon on display. Onlookers had tweeted out images of the so-called “Coon Platoon”, as well as posting images on Facebook during the competition leading to numerous apologies from major tournament sponsor Coon Cheese and Victorian Police.

Antwoine Akiminbo who captained the now infamous “Coon-Platoon” said yesterday “We, were excited to play and were given trophies even though we lost. It was weird, but everyone seemed that they wanted us to be happy, I’m still not sure why. We were also given money and told it was because of our diversity, whatever that means.”


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