Pepe Le Pew Executed Because of #metoo Movement

By June 13, 2018Real Fake News, Video

Los Angeles, CA – There have been many instances of a favorite childhood icon being permanently ruined because of some scandal. The incident surrounding famed cartoon star Pepe Le Pew is among the most extreme of those examples. It appears he knew a little too much of the rape culture in Hollywood, as he began tweeting about various actions made by former president Bill Clinton. Le Pew tweeted: “Slick Willy used his slim willy to rape my feline wife. Talk about bestiality. He probably developed feline AIDS.”

Pepe’s wife, who filed sexual assault allegations, is still going to therapy because of the trauma she endured. Le Pew told UNN, “She was the bravest woman I have ever known.” Those were his last words before his untimely demise. Hillary Clinton disputed his claim and said about Le Pew’s wife: “She must have been coming on to Bill. I will stand by my husband’s right to molest other women.”

Former Secretary Clinton has now been rejected by feminists because of those remarks. She has reportedly been spotted in the woods near the skunk’s death.

Bill Clinton rejects the notion that he was involved in the scandal. “I have loved Pepe ever since I was a young’un. I watched him all the time.” While he told UNN he rejects all claims made against him, he did state that he fondly remembers making love to a beautiful raccoon.

Bill Clinton will be sent to the UK for imprisonment, where he will share a cell with Tommy Robinson.

The video of Pepe’s execution can be seen in the link below.

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