Mark Ruffalo Quits the Avengers, Cites Toxic Masculinity

By October 12, 2018Real Fake News

Hollywood, CA – Mark Ruffalo has made the incredibly brave choice to end his run as the Hulk, effective immediately.

Ruffalo, America’s number-one male feminist, cited toxic masculinity as the main reason for his departure:

“Every time I was asked to ‘get angry’ and turn into the Hulk, I felt the pain of every woman who has encountered an angry green – I mean white – male in her life.”

UNN visited the only female member of the Avengers, Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), for comment:

“You saw in the last movie how hesitant the Hulk was to make an appearance. The #MeToo movement is so powerful that we took down the Hulk! Girl power!”

A Trump fan listening to the interview commented to UNN afterward that “Ruffalo will now have more free time to white-knight on Twitter and crawl even further up his own butt.”

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