Kathy Griffin Beats Owen Benjamin for Comedian of the Year

By September 25, 2018Not Fake News

Palm Springs, CA – Owen Benjamin narrowly missed winning Comedian of the Year at the inaugural Palm Springs International Comedy Festival. The hard-fought battle found Kathy Griffin edging out Mr. Benjamin “by a nose.”

Fest director Paul Cruz said in the HollywoodReporter.com report: “We didn’t think long about who should be named Comedian of the Year for the festival’s inaugural year. It was a no-brainer to honor Kathy Griffin. After all that she’s been through, Kathy has pulled off the biggest comeback in entertainment history since Marlon Brando was blacklisted and then went on to win an Oscar in 1972.” Indeed, Griffin was such a clear choice that her win was announced this month, two months before the festival even starts.

Director Cruz continued: “Kathy speaks for all Americans in defense of our First Amendment rights. Kathy is the one comedian [who] is literally on the minds and mouths of the world. She boldly and bravely spoke truth to power, was blacklisted, harassed, and shunned for it, but has now emerged like a fiery phoenix from the ashes. What other comedian can say that?”

Indeed, what comedian can say that? Certainly not Owen Benjamin, who has been lifetime-banned from Twitter (Kathy Griffin was unavailable to defend this breach of First Amendment rights, oddly enough). UNN has to wonder, though, why Mr. Benjamin was even in the running for the award. Miss Griffin has such classics as Pulp Fiction in her resumé, whereas Mr. Benjamin has only taken roles in projects lacking any gravitas whatsoever, such as House Bunny. After his ban, he didn’t emerge Griffin-like as a fiery phoenix, though he did manage to create several fiery bridges, which warmed the hands, and perhaps even the hearts, of his raucous band of supporters. And what did he accomplish thereby? Nothing, except for a paltry three specials and two measly tours. None of the three specials were with Netflix, so they don’t count as real specials; in fact, that makes them very run-of-the-mill. What is this, amateur hour? And the two tours were allegedly sold out, but if UNN had wasted any time in a meaningless investigation of his tours, we assume we would have found that most seats were empty. During that time, he also birthed a second son with his race-traitor wife, further polluting her cultural heritage with white toxicity. And all the while, he insisted on remaining unleashed to the Hollywood plantation.

Griffin was initially shunned for posing in a photograph with a replica of a beheaded Trump head, and she apologized, but she has since taken her apology back, saying, “By the way, I take the apology back. F%&k him.”

Her approach certainly points the way for Mr. Benjamin to regain his Hollywood status. If he were merely to apologize for his apostasy and attack the Orange Jesus occasionally, he could return to the fine LA weather and traffic, the safe confines of the preferred narrative, and easy, soul-free living.


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