It’s Time to Ban Lesbians

By July 10, 2018It's Time

Brooklyn, NY – America is going through a cultural rebirth. The way we think about femininity is changing, and we must all embrace the new definition of woman. Transgender Americans have become a dominant force in our culture, and they have just about taken over the LGBTIVP movement. If the transgender agenda is to advance so that we can rewrite the very definition of femininity, we must ban lesbians now.

America was going from strength to strength, and accepting transsexuals was going mainstream, making us all stronger. Then we had the election of Donald Trump, and lesbians everywhere decided that they were going to try and shun transgender people. Lesbians everywhere began to resent the momentum of the transgender-acceptance movement. Lesbians found themselves on the outer in the LGBTIVP, with their position precarious.

The trouble started for American lesbians when they began an underground movement known as Closing the Gap. The Closing the Gap movement was a call to arms for lesbians everywhere to deny penises entry into their vaginas regardless of the gender of the person attached to the penis. Lesbians now must go since there is no color of the rainbow that signifies such blatant trans phobia. No one, regardless of their gender identity, is allowed to deny sex to transgender people. It doesn’t matter whether you’re straight, lesbian, bisexual, non-binary, or a human that identifies as a robot, you must have sex with transgender people. If you don’t have sex with transgender people, you’re actually worse than Hitler.

In July, transgender activists decided that no one would be allowed to deny them sex, not even if giving them sex went against literally everything the person stood for. Not even so-called “butch” lesbians were safe. Lesbians, the seasoned veterans of avoiding rides on the baloney pony, are now being shamed for not willingly allowing transgender yogurt rockets into their meat garages. A lesbian denying transgender shlong is now labeled cissexist, and cissexism is problematic. Lesbians have not taken this new stance lying down and have started to fight back. Hannah Jenson, a lesbian rights activist and author of A Tale of Two Kitties – The Lesbian Guide to New York, told UNN she is leading the charge against the “corrective rape culture” being demonstrated in the transgender community.

“For hundreds of years, lesbians have been fighting off one-eyed trouser snakes from straight males, and now we have to deal with trannie-tackle too? No, today we lesbians stand united. We’re taking our colors, and we’re leaving the rainbow movement. From now on, they can call themselves whatever they want – BGTIVP, or whatever. But the Ls are gone.”

Noteworthy trans activist Riley J. Dennis was extremely angry with the comments made by Ms. Jenson. “Ms. Jenson is clearly a TERF (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist). She should be ashamed. It’s 2018, and we expect everyone to accept that penises can be feminine, too.”

Ms. Jenson fired back immediately. “We don’t care what the hang-low is attached to. We don’t want man-dong, lady-dong, or any dong, for that matter. We are never going down on this penis issue. We are gone.”

An unlikely source of support has come out of the woodwork to support the lesbian boycott of the rainbow movement. Young cis-gendered males are throwing their support behind the lesbian exit, or Lexit. Twitter has erupted with masculine toxicity from these ghastly young men tweeting their enthusiastic support for lesbians.

Riley J. Dennis was disgusted by the outpouring of Twitter hate speech from those young men. “We can’t be taking backward steps in America. This is a society built on tolerance and acceptance, and we won’t let the TERF lesbians and their idiot male porn addicts ruin it for everyone. It is with a heavy heart and full balls that I say this: It’s time to ban lesbians.


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