It’s Time for Good News: #WalkAway Takes Off Running!

Although bad news seems to be happening all around us, it’s important to recognize and focus on the positive in life and use that energy to keep moving forward.

Even though increasing censorship in the mainstream media has crept up on us all, stalking our every word like Kevin Spacey at a Boy Scout Jamboree, we will prevail in the fight for free speech. Right now, being a Republican means that you must be a racist, a sexist, or some other ist they throw on you to try and bury any kind of discussion through which you’d find common ground. But people are reaching out, and the rise of open dialogue will lift us all from the hysteria that the Left has created.

It has become normal to see Conservatives being silenced and shunned daily. But now, the Left has begun attacking those whom they claim to be “protecting.” 

However, those people are finding the courage to step out of the rat race and run away from the trap of the DNC’s prison of intolerance.

People are being denied service in restaurants and retail stores because of their political beliefs. If we’re not careful, denial of transportation and housing could be next.  It will be much easier for the Left to deny Rosa Parks a seat if she’s sporting a MAGA cap. If we don’t speak up for each other, that scenario is not as much of a stretch as you’d think. We tend to ignore things until they actually happen to us. If we see someone’s voice being taken away, we have to use our own. That’s because, if we don’t, no one will have a voice at all, and the noise will only grow louder.

On May 26, 2018, Brandon Straka made a video testimonial about his take on the Democratic Party, and it went viral, founding the #WalkAway movement.In the video, he explained how he was once under the spell that the Left casts on the masses. Because he is a gay man, he felt the Left’s message of equality was a no-brainer, but he soon realized that blatant lies and fear tactics were being used against him to perpetuate his victim mentality in the Left’s game of identity politics.

After his video went viral, more and more people who were registered Democrats began coming forward with their own experiences and denouncing the DNC with #WalkAway.

Straka was recently denied service at the B&H Video electronics store in Manhattan. Staffers cited his likelihood to use their cameras for alt-Right purposes. Looking at Straka through their Leftist lens, the staff ironically totally missed the bigger picture.

Thousands of people are standing up for what is right, while the Democrats dig themselves deeper and deeper into a hole. We have to wonder whether they then expect their coffin to be paid for by taxpayers as well. It’s been an uphill battle, but The Extreme Left will crumble and turn to dust as reason resurges and sweeps our land.

So be hopeful and jump for joy,

because people are waking up, walking away, and refusing to drink the soy!


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