It’s Time for Good News: #WalkAway from Blaming White People

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#WalkAway from Blaming White People for Everything

White people are responsible for all problems that minorities have today, at least according to the Left, which soon may even blame Martin Luther King Jr. for saying “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character,” because that doesn’t fit into the Left’s narrative of victim mentality and identity politics.

On August 19, 2018, Justin Wilson made a YouTube video on his channel to add to the #WalkAway movement founded in May by Brandon Straka. #WalkAway consists of thousands of testimonials from people who have chosen to walk away from the Democratic Party. Wilson is walking away from the Left’s pervasive idea that white people are responsible for all problems that minorities have today. This young black American says in his video that if white people were responsible for everything, then they’d need to be viewed as parents, needing respect from minorities, being the ones to complain to and the ones who must fix things. That idea is belittling and dehumanizing to minorites, but only subtly so, he says, such that it pervades their psyches and lulls them into behaving accordingly, so that the stereotype self-perpetuates. Minorities subconsciously think of themselves as not strong enough, not intelligent enough, not sovereign enough to solve their own problems.

Black people, for example, can start the process of breaking the stereotype by repairing their own image, Mr. Wilson says. Stop uploading images to sites like which portray blacks misbehaving in hiphop culture, beating each other up, gang violence, etc. That online publicity makes everyone scared of blacks, and justifiably so. Stop portraying blacks as hardcore, anticivilization people. Stop writing rap lyrics about that type of thing. These tactics do nothing but foster the stereotype, Mr. Wilson insists. The only people who can fix a race’s bad image are members of that race. Don’t be part of the problem; be part of the solution.

Naturally, Wilson’s blunt points elicited a torrent of down-votes and comments chastising him, right? Wrong. It’s astonishing, but UNN found not a single comment telling him he was wrong. Here is a sampling:

  • More normal people of every demographic are waking up to how crazy the Left has become. The more who #WALKAWAY, the more are emboldened to do the same. Good for this young man for seeing things as they are, as opposed to how the Left wants all of us to see them.
  • Democrats can’t exist without victims.
  • As this video shows, Conservatives are the most genuine, most self-reflective, most logical, REALEST, and most loving people. I wish there were more people like the guy in the video in my city. Crack rappers like Jay Z have a lot of blood on their hands riling black men up to get killed while he sits in his private jet being fake.
  • Aaaaaand that’s how you destroy racism, folks… 🙂
  • From one black man to another: I honestly thought I was the only one. Thanks for this uplifting message, my brother #walkaway

The Left-leaning media only focuses on the negative when it comes to race relations in the United States. That makes it seem as if the world is in constant turmoil. Their goal is to divide and conquer, but this video and the comments it has received show that racial tensions in the real world are not at all what the media keeps trying to cram down our throats every day. Together, we can expose the media’s lies and refuse to give in to the fear tactics being used against us. We all have more in common than the Left-leaning media would like to admit, and that’s because they know that “United We Stand, Divided We Fall.”












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