It’s Time for Good News: Tommy Robinson is Free!

We’ve become Comfortably Numb as bad news seems to be happening all around us. However, we mustn’t forget all the good news that the bad drowns out. It’s easy to say Goodbye Blue Sky as we Run Like Hell from the waves of madness flooding our lives. Yet it’s important to recognize and focus on the positive in life and use that energy to keep our heads above water in this deluge of insanity that Liberals have rained upon us. We must remember that these are The Happiest Days of Our Lives rather than give up and say Goodbye Cruel World. The turbulent Left has tried to engulf us with its radical agenda, but more and more people are swimming against its chaotic current, no longer being swayed or pulled down by its undertow of lies. The flood tide of Socialism will continue to recede as the ship of truth sails over it to rescue the masses.

Even though increasing censorship policies by supposedly freedom-loving governments have resulted in thousands of arrests for speech and media issues, we will prevail in the fight for free speech. Right now, it’s actually against the law in Canada, England, and Australia to speak about or publicize certain issues. But people like England’s Tommy Robinson and Canada’s Jordan Peterson are challenging these laws, and the rise of open rebellion like theirs will lift us all from the hysteria that the Left has created.

Tommy Robinson Arrested

Tommy Robinson objected to Islamist immigrants in England raping girls. England forbade him from publicizing those crimes. He found the courage to step out and film those rapist vermin who masquerade as human and who have the protection of a government that wants to show its citizens and the world that it has changed its old, rapist-arresting, prejudiced ways of having a sovereign border and keeping foreign criminals out, and it has become more accepting of outsiders, at the expense of many of its own citizens.

People are being arrested in other countries for filming in public where the government doesn’t allow it, for posting crass things online, and for other free-speech issues that we in the US can’t imagine not being allowed. If we’re not careful, this foreign lunacy will spread, and certain speech becoming illegal could happen here next. If we don’t speak up for each other, that scenario is not as much of a stretch as you’d think. We tend to ignore things until they actually happen to us. If we see someone’s voice being taken away, we have to use our own. That’s because, if we don’t, no one will have a voice at all, and the noise will only grow louder.

On May 25, 2018, Tommy Robinson live-streamed outside an English courtroom about Islamist rapists. In the live-stream he read a previously published news article. (It’s not illegal to broadcast news that’s already in the public domain.) He was quickly arrested. The whole situation went viral (until England threatened worldwide media, who retracted their coverage), founding the #FreeTommy movement.

The judge who rushed his case through the legal system was photographed laughing at his arrest. The charges against him were never made clear, and his lawyers did not have a chance to defend him well. In relative secrecy, he was taken to prison. Islamist prisoners cheered. What better opportunity could they have to murder their enemy #1 than for him to join them in the prison they dominated?

In a few days, the media ban was lifted, and the world got the details about his situation, with a million people objecting. But he soon was moved to Onley Prison, one of the most densely Islamist-populated prisons in the country. In solitary confinement, he dared not chance eating meals prepared by Islamist prisoners, but he was not allowed to buy many canned goods. He managed to get about one can of tuna and one piece of fruit per day. He lost about 40 pounds in two months. He had to cover his window in the hot summer rather than let Islamist prisoners spit through it and throw feces through it (his cell was beside the prison mosque, and most prisoners were allowed to walk past his cell each day).

Government authorities and all mainstream British media claimed that he belonged in prison and that Islamist immigrants were the victims of his abuse. If not for worldwide refusal to adhere to British orders to cover up their tactics, he’d have been the victim of Britain’s Leftist game of identity politics. It was a bloody British mess.

After his video went viral, more and more people realized how absurd the concept of a government covering up its own judicial system was. People used #FreeTommy to denounce government censorship.

On August 1, the highest court in the UK overturned his conviction and released him on bail until the matter could be reheard. Tommy was reunited with his family.

So be hopeful and keep sailing on. One day soon, the truth will save us from drowning in our prisons of Orwellian censorship.

“I can not change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” – Jimmy Dean




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