New York, NY – This week sees the internet’s first ever Intellectual Dark Web (IDW) rankings. These rankings are based on multiple factors and can change at a moment’s notice. Some of the factors that can change a person’s IDW ranking include: number of podcasts downloaded, number of Youtube views, likes-to-dislikes ratios on Youtube videos, number of articles written by or about the person, and sales of Birch Gold™ generated.

  1. Jordan B. Peterson

Dr. Peterson continues to dominate the IDW as well as SJWs and any other acronyms that step up to try and take his title.

  1. Stephen Crowder

Despite the loss of binary-gendered computer sidekick Sven Computer, Crowder continues to dominate the YouTube landscape. Regardless of whether his videos are monetized, Crowder is the undisputed king of YouTube.

  1. Joe Rogan

Rogan is the beast of the IDW. Rogan is always prepared to hold meaningful conversations with anyone who steps into his studio. Rogan can also snap your neck. He intimidates anyone who has no moral fiber.

  1. Stefan Molyneux

Molyneux is always happy to speak about uncomfortable topics. Molyneux loses points for being French-Canadian, but he has dropped some hard truths on Australians this week in live events.

  1. Lauren Southern

Southern never shies away from a fight. This week Southern proved there are no-go zones in Australia being protected by state police.

  1. Owen Benjamin

Benjamin continues to prove that you don’t need to sell sheets to put bums on seats. Twitter has banned him again, but he will rise again…if only to drunkenly tweet his way back to the gulag soon. Also surprisingly sells more Boll and Branch sheets than Shapiro himself.

  1. Dave Rubin

Just finished a tour with the IDW patriarch Jordan B. Peterson. Pounding ass and taking names.

  1. Ben Shapiro

Still a solid member of the IDW, but his ranking is lower than expected due to his having conversations about conversations at his Daily Wire. His take on James Gunn has also been surprisingly weak.

  1. Dave Smith

Still one of the smartest comedians around. Smith continues to crush podcasting with his podcast Part of the Problem.

  1. Claire Lehmann

This psychologist writes the truth at Quillette, and that is enough to land her inside the top 10.

  1. Bret Weinstein

Kicked out of Evergreen College and into the IDW, Dr. Weinstein is always happy to be a part of conversations about conversations.

  1. Oren Amitay

Dr. Amitay is an important figure in the IDW. Amitay not only is a preeminent voice on issues of transgenderism, but also loves rock and roll.

  1. Douglas Murray

He’s a Neoconservative and British, which is a fancy way of saying that he enjoys tea and thinking about stuff.

  1. Maajid Nawaz

Always up for a challenge, Nawaz fights Islamic extremism in a unique way…with words.

  1. Christina Hoff Sommers

Are you a feminist? Then you probably hate Dr. Sommers because she is always there to call you out for your pussy-hatted madness.

  1. Debra Soh

One tough Canuck, Dr. Soh takes on the transactivists and spoils their party with her “hate facts.”

  1. Heather Heying

Dragged from Evergreen College along with her husband.

  1. Michael Shermer

Dr. Shermer is the founder of the Skeptics Society…or is he?

  1. Andrew Klavan

Writer, podcaster, commentator. Is there anything Klavan can’t do? Yes: have a full lustrous head of hair.

  1. Sam Harris

Dr. Harris will never get off the bottom of the list because he is a massive douche with giant ears.

Other IDW members who’ve received votes include: Candace Owens, Sargon of Akkad, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Matt Christiansen, and Tommy Robinson (ineligible due to inactivity).

You can catch the IDW rankings each week live exclusively on UNN.




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