Silicon Valley, CA – Google has created a brand-new app to combat inequality of the sexes. “XX” and “XY” chromosomes will soon be a thing of the past. Google held a press conference at its headquarters to share details on the new technology it has developed.

Google: Hello everyone! We are excited to announce our new Chromosome App and how it can rid your DNA of the two sexist chromosomes that are holding society back in our journey towards progress in equality. Now we can all finally be the same, thank God Google!

UNN: We see you posted on your website that the plan is to have everyone become ZZZ’s by the year 2525. Will we see any of the benefits from the app in our lifetimes?

Counting ZZZ’s


Google: Unfortunately, we won’t see the true effects immediately, but I can tell you that this app is going to have a huge impact on future generations.

Daily Wire: Yeah, it will have a tremendous impact on them alright and on all of humanity! How are we supposed to procreate if we are all the same? What you’re saying is that men and women won’t exist anymore! Am I getting that right?

Google: How dare you question our agenda! We want to rid the world of sexism! If you can’t see that, it shows how much of a sexist you truly are!

Daily Wire: No, it shows that Google is trying to commit depopulation under the guise of so-called “social progress.”  I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that you’re doing it so blatantly or the fact that people can’t see past the deception your company is –

UNN: Sorry, everyone, it looks like the Daily Wire is having some technical difficulties with their audio. The Google spokesman is now giving away free spyware for the first 100 people who sign up! Hurry to get this fantastic security offer! To download the new app and take your stand against sexism in the world, go to:

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