EXPOSED: #WalkAway Movement Fake, Republican Conspiracy

By July 12, 2018Real Fake News

Mobile, AL – Tens, or possibly scores, of Twitter users are posting alleged reasons for their decision to leave the Democratic Party, using the hashtag #WalkAway. Is this trend really what it seems, or perhaps a sinister force lurks behind the scenes of this “movement”?  UNN interviewed social-media expert Wayne E. Bisht to learn the shocking truth.

UNN:  Mr. Bisht, what did you find when you looked into the #WalkAway hashtag?

Bisht:  This “walk away movement” is totally fake. The personas running the accounts involved claimed they were longtime members of the Democrat Party, but they offered no proof. These people were never Democrats in the first place.

UNN:  Fascinating. How can you tell?

Bisht:  Simple.  The hashtag slogan itself is ableist in principle. No proper, progressive, self-respecting Democrat would ever use such blatantly discriminatory language. Even if someone actually wanted to leave the Democrat Party – an absurd concept – how would a paraplegic or double-amputee participate in this #WalkAway nonsense?  Even if the #WalkAway participants were technically members of the Democrat Party, they are clearly DINOs.


Bisht:  Democrats In Name Only.  Frauds.  Never actually on board with the cause.  And it’s time for these DINOs to get hit with a meteor and become extinct.  This whole ploy is just a thinly veiled attempt for the dying Republican Party to recruit weak-willed Democrats to switch political sides by pretending to be disgruntled Democrats.

UNN:  Amazing!  Do you have any evidence?

Bisht:  No.

UNN:  Do you have a confession from a person running one of those accounts?

Bisht:  No.

UNN:  How can you be so confident that Republicans are behind this false-flag event?

Bisht:  Because Republicans are stupid, and I’m smart.

UNN:  Can you elaborate?

Bisht:  Certainly.  When President Obama (blessed be his name) won the 2008 election, social media played an enormous role in making that happen. Republicans are dumb, so they didn’t understand what happened. Finally, eight years later, one of them rubbed two brain cells together and declared that social media would not cause them to lose an election ever again. However, they’re still dumb, and they don’t know how social media works. Hence, I can see right through their ploy.

UNN:  It’s astonishing that they would even try. Tell us about your social-media expertise.

Bisht:  Of course. I spend several hours a day on Twitter.  I spend most of the time reporting offensive tweets, so the users have to take them down. Sometimes, they get kicked off Twitter; and sometimes, they even get permanently banned.

UNN:  It looks like your account has 53 followers.  Shouldn’t a “social-media expert” have more?

Bisht:  No.  All my followers are real people.  Any Twitter account with a following over 100 consists mostly of bots.

UNN:  That’s incredible.  Thank you, Mr. Wayne E. Bisht, for your time today and for shedding light on this nefarious scheme to lure fragile Democrats away from the proper ideology.

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