Poem: ‘Do You Happen to Know the Year?’


Do You Happen to Know the Year?


Do you happen to know the year?

I think it’s 1984, I see “Big Brother” is here.

Acting as a mother, parenting our fear.

If you’re told what to think, you can’t think critically or clear.

Just keep swallowing these false senses of security, my dear.

And don’t speak unless it’s the regurgitated propaganda that you hear.

The direction we’re going in will forever be steered.

As “Double/Newspeak” and “Thought Police” appear.

Reality itself is being engineered.

We’re still allowed to cry, but not to shed a tear.

We’re still allowed to smile, but not to voice our cheer.

But one day really soon, we’ll all stray far from here,

And all the walls around us – they’ll quickly disappear.

Because the “Ministry of Truth” is only smoke and mirrors.

For the fire has become “uncold” and uncomfortable,

As we have let our words become insufferable.

When did we become so vulnerable?

Don’t forget that Communism only sounds wonderful.

We’ll continue to march to the drums of redundancy.

Succumbing to the distractions of all of our abundancy.

Been sleeping so long,

What could go wrong?

Wouldn’t want to face all the ruins of our wake…

Now would we?


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