David Hogg Follows His Dream

By June 8, 2018Real Fake News

Parkland, FL – David Hogg is forgoing his college career to follow his true passion, acting. The 18-year-old has decided to play the role of Lampwick the jackass in the 2020 remake of Disney’s Pinocchio.

“I’ve just always had this thing for acting. All of that gun-control advocacy I’ve been preaching about is just one big audition for this movie where I play an anti-gun advocate. I love guns! I’ve shot an AR-15 lots of times. Me and my buddy Kyle Kashuv go out to the shooting range all the time,” Hogg told UNN.

He then said he likes to play roles that bear at least some sort of physical resemblance to himself.

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  • .45KaliBear says:

    HCSC_Bear and I agree that Hogg’s IMDb page will already have listed “Crisis actor” in his credits.

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