Candidate’s 3rd Grade Halloween Costume Derails Senate Campaign

By October 12, 2018Real Fake News

Black Earth, WI – Leah Vukmir has been asked by her Democratic opposition to drop out of her 2018 bid for senator after photos surfaced showing her dressed as a monkey for her 3rd grade Halloween party.

“It was all my fault,” said her mother, who reach out to UNN after the photos surfaced late Sunday afternoon. “I took her to the Milwaukee County Zoo that summer, and if I’d have known it would have led to this, I would have never let my family make the trip in the first place.”

According to her mother, Leah had asked her parents to buy her a stuffed monkey at the zoo gift shop. Three weeks later, eight-year-old Leah asked whether she could be a monkey for Halloween.

“We thought it was just a cute request from an eight-year-old. Who were we to say no?” Leah’s mother refused to comment further.

Tammy Baldwin, Vukmir’s Democrat opponent, has called for her to drop out after photos of the racist costume were first leaked to CNN. “Wisconsin deserves better,” said Baldwin as she spoke at River Falls community center. “We all know the underlying meaning of the costume, and there is no tolerance for racism in our great state.”

Baldwin has denied mounting allegations that the ill-timed photo was circulated by her own staff. Vukmir, as of yet, has not been asked for her opinion in the matter.


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