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By November 5, 2018Not Fake News

Last week, someone asked me why there is so much craziness this midterm; basically, they wanted to know why this election was such a big deal. For historical context, the first thing we talked about was Bill Clinton’s first midterm election. If you don’t remember it (or weren’t around for it), two years into his presidency, Bill Clinton and the Democrats lost control of both the House and the Senate, and Bill had to spend the rest of his time in office butting heads with a Republican-run House and Senate. Of course, being the smooth talker that he was, Clinton took the election results as a sign that the American voters were leery of him taking the country too far to the Left. He got the point, veered to the Right, and changed his plans to suit the masses.

Going into Trump’s first midterm, I’ve no doubt that the Democrats have aspirations of putting the same Congressional muzzle on our current red-tie-wearing president. Much like Clinton’s first midterm, if the Democrats can gain a majority, they would easily be able to put a stop to many of Trump’s future plans. If the Democrats swooped in to take control, Trump would likely be relegated to his desk, left with only his executive orders to achieve what few goals he could manage to hang on to. An effective Trump who can gain the support of his party is every Democrat’s nightmare. That is the reason for the insanity, and they will do anything to stop it.

Days after Trump’s inauguration, many of us were shocked to see a large number of Republicans scrambling into a fury of fear and ineffectiveness. Those on the Right saw the Republican Party gain the White House and then were amazed to see their team in Congress unable to achieve…well…ANYTHING. After six years of promises to repeal and replace Obamacare, the 115th Republican-held Congress made seven attempts at it, yet failed to bring anything that would pass a vote. A mass of Never-Trump Republicans rose up and dug their feet in. Trump’s Dreamer compromise to get a border wall into the budget was tossed aside. It was painful to watch and even harder to try and understand.

So what is keeping Republican members of Congress from helping Trump rush for the Conservative goal line? Why are a number of them maintaining a hesitant distance and only managing to vote on the rare occasion that they feel nestled into their own little election-weary safe-space? You can blame the globalist conspiracy or the recent Wiccan curse, but I think it’s a whole lot simpler than that. They are, and have been, worried to fully back Trump, for fear that doing so would tarnish their next elections.

These Republican hold-outs have been and are afraid that linking themselves with Trump and his policies could keep them from being re-elected. This midterm, the Democrats have been predicting a blue wave, but the rest of us are starting to see one that has more of a red hue. The economy is thriving, Justice Kavanaugh was able to push past a conveniently timed controversy, and there’s a migrating horde marching through Mexico, making a border wall seem like a fairly sane idea. polls are even reporting that Democrats need to go moderate to have a winning chance.

Trump is proving his worth. If he can weather the midterm, he’ll show that he isn’t just a volatile reality star who stumbled into office. He is likely to see a whole new level of support from within the swamp that he so desperately wants to drain. The Republicans, working like a well-oiled machine, are a Democrat nightmare, their own personal horror flick. If Trump can aid the Right in pulling off a win, help them keep and even gain seats in this election, Republican members of Congress would not only pass funding for the border wall but start driving down to work on it on the weekends just to keep him happy.


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