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By October 15, 2018Advice

DEAR MAULEEN: I was helping protest racists in New York the other night. I got into a fight and the racists kicked me while I was down! The police were there and didn’t arrest anyone! They didn’t even intervene! I’m so sick of these cops either taking the side of the racists by arresting us or just ignoring what they’re doing completely. How are these racist cops allowed to keep looking the other way? How come none of these racists were arrested? We need to step up our activism and get in their faces even more. How can we get our message out and get people to see how dangerous these Nazis are?

Stomped in NYC

DEAR STOMPED: Aww, you poor baby! You started a fight and got your butt kicked. You weren’t just “protesting” and it wasn’t against “racists.” The people you keep calling racists and Nazis are far from it. They just happen to not believe you militant, authoritarian, socialist policies are good for the country – minorities included. The cops likely saw you start the fight and get your butt handed to you so decided that was enough punishment for you. Unfortunately, the media tends to be on your side and has gone so far as to endorse your violent tendencies so now they have twisted the narrative. The advice I would give you isn’t something you want to hear. The constant mob tactics you and your ilk are employing is not helping your cause. People are less likely to agree with you and support you when you resort to violence. If you learned how to support your argument through reason and debate, you would see a lot more progress. I realize no sane person would agree with your worldview and politics though so that explains a lot.

The right does need to be careful, however. I know they were defending you, but giving the looney lefties a video they can manipulate the narrative for doesn’t help the right either.

DEAR MAULEEN: I was the administrator for a number of Facebook pages that were deleted this week. All I was doing was spreading news about police violence. I’m being censored and it’s not acceptable! I have the right to post and share news! How can I get my messages out now that my pages have been banned and I’ve been virtually erased?

Non-Personed in No Name, CO

DEAR NON-PERSONED: The extent of the pages you were spamming fake news with may have had something to do with it, but I really don’t know. From what I understand, no one was really given a reason either. I agree, the erasure of the pages this week is a problem. It’s something those on the right have been warning about for quite a while now. Maybe, instead of cheering when someone you don’t like is banned, you stand up for the principle then and say it’s wrong! If you actually want to support free speech, you can get on one of the alternative sites and share your bs there. Minds and Gab won’t stop you from spreading your false narratives. You may find you’re challenged more there because others will be allowed to speak too, but that’s how it should be!

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