Bearly Advisable: Racists, Racists, Everywhere…

By September 10, 2018Advice

DEAR MAULEEN: After watching Zina Bash flashing the white-power hand signal at the Kavanaugh hearings, I started noticing many other politicians doing it too! I mean, of course we all knew about Trump, but I was shocked and appalled at how many racists are in Washington! They are everywhere! How are we ever going to get them all out? I am terrified for our country! Is there any hope?

Horrified in Raceland, Kentucky

DEAR HORRIFIED: The only thing that makes me wonder whether there is no hope is people like you. The OK sign means the same thing it has always meant: “OK.” The fact that so many people have done it should have clued you in to this fact. You Leftie lunatics would fall for any narrative as long as it painted a doom-and-gloom portrait of whatever it is you’re discussing at the moment. I am really starting to think you people thrive off the drama and the hate that you spew on daily basis.

DEAR MAULEEN: I have always been a big fan of Cher, and I highly respect her opinions. Because of this, you can imagine the terror I felt when I read what she says is going to happen when Kavanaugh is confirmed! What can we do to stop this? How can one man be given this much power?!

Terrorized in Roe, Arkansas

DEAR TERRORIZED: You and Cher are insane. No LGBTQAAIP(2) rights are going to be taken away. No one is losing their contraception. There will always be choices with regards to pregnancy. The prior President bypassed Congress on a regular basis, and you lunatics still love him, so spare me the fake outrage. I WISH overturning Roe v. Wade would magically make abortion illegal. Even IF they were to overturn Roe v. Wade, all that would happen would be to kick the decision on abortion back to the states where it belongs. The federal government was never meant to have the power it does now. Laws should be handled by local governments and the people they are ruling over. Some elitists in Washington who have never even SEEN the Midwest and have no idea what life is like in your little town or what requirements are needed for your population have no business passing laws that dictate how you live your life!


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