Bearly Advisable: Beaches, Doors, and Pee Cans?

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DEAR MAULEEN: I told my wife I want a divorce. She refuses to admit she was wrong! Now she says I am being ridiculous and need to calm down. I don’t know why I’m expected to put up with this. It was bad enough when it was the dress! Then she said she heard “Yanny!” Now she refuses to admit this image is a beach – even after confirmation from the photographer! She respects your opinion, so I thought you could help explain to her that it’s time for us to go our separate ways.

Fed-Up in Truth-or-Consequences

DEAR FED-UP: I am going to side with your wife on this one. Chill out and walk away from the situation until you calm down. The idea that you would get divorced over this is absurd. There must be more going on that you aren’t telling us about. You can’t really be walking away from a marriage over a disagreement about a photograph! You really need to get to therapy – preferably couples therapy – and figure out what your real issue is.

DEAR MAULEEN: I am disgusted by what I’ve seen in Paris and feel I should warn others who may be thinking of heading there. Paris has placed public urinals out on the streets! They look like bright red trash cans, but when a passerby stands in front of one and “whips it out,” it’s quite obvious what the “trash can” is! These things are placed near tourist spots like the cathedral of Notre Dame, and even schools! It’s disgusting! Why are people so rude and disrespectful that this has become necessary?

Disgusted in Paris

DEAR DISGUSTED: People are disgusting; that’s all there is to it. We’re destructive and inconsiderate – especially when something is free. I can’t count how many times I’ve gone to the lake and had to pick up someone else’s trash, or gone camping and come across someone’s trash dump. Everyone knows litter is a problem and complains about our impact on the environment, but those same people who complain will leave their protest signs laying next to the trashcan for someone else to clean up. Too many people have had mom or someone else coming around behind them cleaning up everything for them, and so they expect others to continue to pick up after them in public. It is infuriating to those of use who have been raised to leave an area cleaner than we found it! In short, individuals may be awesome and clean up after themselves, but in general, people suck. They are rude, disrespectful, and filthy!

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