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DEAR MAULEEN: I’ve been watching the migrant caravan coming up from Honduras this week. I don’t understand why we can’t welcome them in! These people are just looking for a better life and are fleeing horrible living conditions. We should be welcoming them with open arms! Threatening other countries and to put troops on the border isn’t helping anyone! Why aren’t we preparing a place for them instead of trying to force them back?

Open Arms in Moore, Texas

DEAR OPEN ARMS: We keep getting these caravans. This isn’t the first, it won’t be the last. It’s not ok for hoards of people to march into our country and expect instant benefits. There is a path to legal immigration and an invasion is not it. We can’t take care of the people who are here but we’re expected to take in any and all extras who want to come here. Your bleeding heart needs to focus on domestic tragedies like the homelessness in California and the displaced from Michael. It’s ridiculous and impossible to expect to absorb all these extra people! If they are so disenfranchised in their own country, why are they marching north waving the flags of their home countries? If they have so much pride in where they came from, they can go home and work on making their countries better. If all these people really want to work for a better future, the numbers they continuously pour into north could help build a better environment at home if that was really the goal.

DEAR MAULEEN: I find this latest “meme” terrifying. The right keeps calling us all NPC’s and are dehumanizing us in the process. Why can’t everyone see how dangerous this is? It’s just one step away from feeling justified in violence. What can we do to stop this? It’s so triggering, I feel like I can’t go online anymore because these gray faces are all over!

Non-NPC in Chicken, Alaska

DEAR NON-NPC: Aww, how sad; another pathetic, triggered, looney-leftist. The left doesn’t need another excuse to feel justified in violence. The violence has been escalating since the 2016 election. Your politicians and media pundits have been encouraging it instead of disavowing so I don’t see an end to it anywhere in the near future.

The NPC meme is hilarious. The fact that you people have so little self-awareness that you can’t see the similarities between the NPC meme and your “Russian bot”/Nazi rhetoric over the last two years is very telling. What do you think you’ve been doing to the right? Telling anyone you disagree with they are a Nazi or a bot is the same thing. The difference is the NPC meme is a meme, it’s meant to be funny and highlight your lack of ability to formalize an actual argument on any subject. Every one of you spouts the same nonsensical talking points with no facts or reason to back it up. If you don’t want to be seen as an “NPC” go do some research on some topics so you can actually have a calm, rational discussion about the topic instead of resorting to “bot” or “Nazi”!

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