Bearly Advisable: Free Burritos and More Fake Nazis

By November 19, 2018Advice

DEAR MAULEEN: I can’t understand why there are people defending the alt-right extremists that showed up Saturday in Philadelphia! These people are Nazi’s and should, at the very least, be punched in the face! How can anyone defend these racists?! I realize some guy got hurt, but that what they should expect for holding such disgusting views! Can you explain to me why are there actually people defending the fascists?

Triggered in Philly

DEAR TRIGGERED: You’re an ignorant bigot. The man that was beat-up in Philly on Saturday was called a fascist Nazi but was, in fact, an innocent bystander and a JEW! I know it’s not the first time you lunatics have called Jews Nazi’s and it won’t be the last but aren’t you getting sick of your own crap by now? Do you crazies even know what the Nazis were and what they did? Here’s a little reading you can do.

Honestly, this situation is a perfect example of how the media is “the enemy of the people.” They’re the ones pushing this “Nazi, fascist, alt-right” bull. The media was quick to report that the event would attract, “neo-Nazis” and that the Proud Boys would be sure to attend – completely ignoring the fact that the organizers said that wouldn’t be permitted and the Proud Boys specifically weren’t welcome. They were speaking out libertarian viewpoints and small government – sounds to me like the “protestors” were the fascists!

DEAR MAULEEN: I’m so disgusted with Chipolte this week! I don’t’ think I’m going to be able to eat there again. I couldn’t believe the video I saw in my Twitter feed where the manager had the nerve to refuse to serve a group of black men unless they prepaid for their food! I am so appalled that this is still happening in our country! Would you help get out the word that we should boycott Chipotle?

Cheepolte in St. Paul

DEAR CHEEPOLTE: Sure, we can boycott Chipolte. Not for the reasons you’re thinking though. This was another hoax case – I know, you’re probably shocked. The guy who posted the video also was rather fond of sharing his hobby of dining and dashing on a regular basis. The manager recognized him so refused service. The disgusting part is, she got fired for it! The only racist part of this story is the refusal to give the same consequences to a thief that anyone else would receive based on his race!


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