Bearly Advisable: Acosting Interns and Joining the 9-Year-Old Army

By November 12, 2018Advice

DEAR READERS: Sorry I haven’t been writing the last couple weeks. I got a bad case of whiplash trying to keep track of what was going on around the election. The hypocrisy has been thick of late, be careful out there!

DEAR MAULEEN: I’m appalled the White House has revoked Jim Acosta’s access to press briefings. His press briefing each morning was one of the favorite parts of my day. I can’t understand why there isn’t a bigger uproar around his removal! He was just asking questions when that woman rushed him! How is it that he gets blamed for it? How can Trump get away with this obvious violation of the First Amendment?!

#1 Acoster

DEAR ACOSTER: First of all, if “Acoster” is supposed to be some play on his name for his fans, you may want to rethink that. It really doesn’t come across right.

Second, it is not “his” press briefing, even if he acts like it is every day.

Finally, he has been out of control and should have had his hard pass revoked long ago. The only part that surprises me is how long it took. The intern’s job was to move the microphone from one reporter to another. She was attempting to do that when the controversial interaction occurred. I’ve seen the video numerous times and in my opinion, Acosta was not deliberately trying to touch her. The intern, as mentioned, was trying to get the microphone from Acosta. This was completely justified since he was refusing to stop his grandstanding and allow his peers their turns at the mic. Acosta was gesturing with his hands and as his hand came down, he bumped into the intern’s arm. He did push her arm down further, but the contact was not enough to cause injury. That said, his behavior was extremely inappropriate. He needs to check his ego! Even if he can’t respect the office of the President, he should at least show some respect for his co-workers!

DEAR MAULEEN: I watch YouTube a lot and I don’t understand this thing between PewDiePie and T-Series. Why is it a big deal if T-Series takes over? PewDiePie is a filthy Nazi why would anyone be supporting him?!


DEAR T-SUBBER: T-Series is a corporate channel out of India. PewDiePie is an individual who worked his way up to the top YouTube channel through his hard work. It also appears that T-Series is using some rather unscrupulous methods to gain subs. PewDiePie’s subs are organic and his army of 9-year-olds has been working hard to keep him on top. He’s not a Nazi — that accusation is so worn and old. That Fiverr incident was to see if they really would write the most offensive thing he could think of on the sign. It is right along the lines of Count Dankula’s pug video. People need to stop pretending offense at everything and pretending they don’t understand the context of what they are seeing/hearing/watching. Everyone should unsub from T-Series and subscribe to PewDiePie!

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