Automotive Blackface: a Plague in Today’s Progressive Society

By November 16, 2018Real Fake News

Blackface is when a white person paints their face black to pretend to be a black person.  This is highly offensive to people of color.  In 2018, a time when the general population is much more #woke, white supremacists have grown very sneaky so they can still use blackface without getting in trouble.  One of their methods is what is known as “digital blackface.”   However, the most nefarious of them all is what is called automotive blackface, and it is continuing to thrive even in the most progressive societies.

White people, if you drive a black car, you are committing automotive blackface, and you are helping reinforce white supremacy.  Why? because when you drive a black car, other people will think of you as black, and that is blackface.  If you are a bad driver and, say, drive too slowly, the people behind you will use that as an excuse to mock or degrade black people.  Therefore, it is imperative that your car be representative of your own skin color.  Black cars are for black people.  White cars are for white people.  The same is true for any other color – Mexicans should only drive brown cars, the Chinese should only drive yellow cars, only indigenous aboriginals can drive red cars, and so on – but automotive blackface is by far the most common and specifically targets the black community.

This article was brought to you by CarMATCH, the only company that lets you match your skin color to your car color.  With CarMATCH, it’s easy to stay #woke in just three simple steps.

  1. Take off the CarMATCH sensor protector and point it at the sun.
  2. Press the Calibrate button on your CarMATCH.
  3. Lightly press your CarMATCH into the top of your arm and press Read. The CarMATCH will then output the exact color. If you give this code to your local car dealer, they can match your color to the perfect color for your car.

This revolutionary technology lets you avoid automotive blackface every time you buy a car.  If you call 1-800-STOP-AUTO-BLACKFACE now and use promo code SHAPIRO (who drives color code 00001), CarMATCH will send you not one but TWO premium CarMATCH kits for the low price of $999.99.



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