Amy Schumer Gets Newfound Praise for Being Hilarious

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Sydney, Australia – Here at UNN, we like to divide talented people the same way they do in wrestling: by their weight class.  Even comedians.  So ever since Amy Schumer was a contestant on NBC’s Last Comic Standing in 2007, she has been worldwide champion in her heavyweight division.  Nevertheless, people criticize her comedy for being “f*cking awful.”  Now, however, Schumer is being praised as a comic genius after audiences have watched the new Netflix special Nanette by Australian comic Hannah Gadsby.  UNN rates this special a solid 9.9 stars out of 10, but the internet is giving it praise for a different reason: Hannah Gadsby finally makes Amy Schumer watchable.

Hannah Gadsby: Nanette PosterOne anonymous commenter on Rotten Tomatoes said:

“After watching Nanette, I had to put a liquid bleach in my eyes; this bleach came to me in the form of The Leather Special by Amy Schumer.  Schumer’s routines usually cause me physical pain, but after Gadsby, Schumer is a comedic genius: perfect timing, perfect delivery, and those oh so sweet perfect punch lines.  All of those were missing in Nanette.”

Another said:

“This special made me want to pull my eyes out.  If Netflix hadn’t recommended Amy Schumer after I finished Nanette, I think I would have hurt myself physically.”

UNN finds these comments despicable. It is a human right for Gadsby to be as funny or serious as she wants.

This hateful monster is the reason Nanette must be viewed by all.  The land whale’s beautiful integration of thoughtful social commentary into hilarious jokes, such as “he beat the shit out of me and nobody stopped him” or “two men raped me when I was barely in my twenties,” teaches the audience about her experiences while letting them to sit in an awkward silence of crickets.  Amy Schumer should be taking notes if she wants to become a great comedian on the UNN scale.  Gadsby said in her special that she will be retiring from comedy, so let us take a collective moment of silence to make up for all the moments of silence we will miss from Gadsby’s routines.


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