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By January 14, 2019Real Fake News

Melbourne Victoria

Violent African gang-related crime may be out of control in the southern Australian state of Victoria. If it is, we at UNN remain unconvinced and unsure as we aren’t supposed to report on it. Victorian Police aren’t even allowed to talk about it. As of Wednesday, Victorian police are no longer allowed to refer to roaming packs of immigrants of African descent committing heinous violent crimes as “African Crime Gangs”. Diversity officers within the state’s police department have decided that it is much more inclusive to refer to these so-called African crime gangs as “Melanin Enhanced Infringement Orginizations” or MEIO’s. Annette Calpurt a spokesperson for Victorian Police released a statement on Wednesday.

Identifying criminals by their heritage has been problematic for Victorian Police and has caused society to limit the potential of these young offenders. We believe that by labelling them as members of an African crime gang that we are placing negative connotations on their diverse and exceptional heritage. Victorian Police  will now be referring to these gangs as MEIO’s and gang members will now be known as “parties”. We really think that by tackling the language that we use every day to describe these unique and culturally important young men, we can truly change the outcomes that we are currently seeing them achieve. Not only will these parties be less likely to commit crimes as part of a MEIO, but its far more fun to say MEIO (pronounced meow) when speaking about violent crimes.

UNN was able to speak to officers on the ground in suburbs that may or may not be heavily affected by the recent crime spree shortly after the announcement was made. Officers told us that shortly after they began to refer to African crime gangs as MEIO’s and gang members as Parties they saw an immediate drop in criminal activity by African crime gangs. Victorian Police stated that African crime gangs as we know them are no longer a threat to Melbournians and that there is no more African gang crime.


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