Bearizona Republic,

Recently a group of former bears has attempted to drive a wedge in to the bear community. They enjoy twitter attacks and even went as far as producing a star wipe filled, completely unbiased “documentary” that attempted to expose the truth about Owen Benjamin.

Whether you choose to buy in to the drama is totally up to you. All the drama got me thinking. What does it actually mean to be a bear? Do you need to agree with every Owen Benjamin take? Are you required to defend Owen if someone accuses him of something that you know to be false? Do you have to be bearified or identify yourself on twitter or Facebook? Of course the answer to these questions is no, so what does it mean to be a bear?

Free speech

A bear always defends free speech. There are no exceptions, even if you disagree with the speaker, or even if their message disgusts you. It’s important not to limit speech for any number of reasons including not living inside of a CNN or FOX news style echo chamber, being able to identify your allies and enemies and becoming more informed. 


It isn’t. You’re free to think what you want, leave when you want, identify as a bear if you want or do nothing at all. You might get banned if the big bear feels that you’re a troll, but you’re free to do what you want. 

Have a friend’s back 

Whether it’s real life or a twitter fight, have your friend’s back. Even if it’s a joke, a troll, or it’s the second civil war. Go in to bat for your friends.


Homeschool if possible. If you cannot, ensure your kids get more than indoctrination at school. Ask questions, ask to see the syllabus. Teach them to question everything.


These facts are irrefutable if you’re going to identify as a bear.

Pedos should be outed and sent to meet their maker. There is no grey area.

Abortion is murder.

Men under 5 foot 7 are children.

Ingesting soy makes your twig and berries fall off. 

The “B” in LGBTIQA+ negates anything past 2 genders.

Socialism always ends in starvation and genocide 

We know this to be true and wear it on blue (t-shirts). It’s important as Americans to remember that the comforts that you have were built on years of sweet sweet capitalism and the sacrifices made by workers and free thinkers. Sure, everyone wishes they had more, but if you didn’t earn it, is it worth anything?

Most importantly, Have a sense of humour. We all need a laugh. And remember full belly’s, empty balls. 



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